This is the very necessary thing to keep you busy for searching update information what you need for your business. The internet is the best way for searching the update information. Wireless internet connection is available but if the wireless internet connection is operator based, then the price of the wireless internet connection is very expensive. Many people use such internet connection but they have to count huge money every month. But now people do not show much interest in the wireless internet connection. Because now they can get the Wi-Fi internet service by a router. A router is a device which is used for conversion the wired internet connection to Wi-Fi. Under the Wi-Fi network, you can use many devices under the same Wi-Fi network.

Get ready for Wi-Fi network

Many users become puzzled when they visit the online store like amazon or eBay. These are popular online stores what you like. In the website of the online store, you will get product description and review of the product. Now choose a router what suffices for you. You may not necessary the best router for you. You need a router which can cover all of your devices what have Wi-Fi receiver features. Many users want to use high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection. So, they should be attentive on that part when they want to buy a router. A router box comes with all things what you need to use. You should follow the description of the router what you will get inside of the router box on a manual of the router. You will enjoy the look of the router if you buy a router from the popular brand. However, buying a popular router from popular brands is very significant. Customer care service from those brands is awesome. So, you will get all necessary service from those brands. From the router box, you should bring the router’s manual first. Because you need to read this manual to know about the device, its configuration, and the settings. The device will not ready for giving service of Wi-Fi until you set up the device. The router configuration will help the users to create the environment for the settings.

Configuration of the router

The configuration of the router is not much difficult for any user if the users want to use Wi-Fi network. From the router’s guide book, the user will get suffice information for the proper configuration and setup the settings. The users should follow the instruction properly if the user wants to complete the setting without facing any serious problem. For the configuration, you will use the Ethernet or the USB cable what you get from the router’s box. With the router and Ethernet/ USB cables, you will get a power adapter for supplying the power to the router. In the same box of the router, a guide book has come what contain full of instructions. You should configuration the device for the setup and for doing everything properly, you should read the manual of the router. If you find any inconsistency between the manual and hardware, then you may contact with a vendor or check the YouTube site.

Use Administrative tool for settings

For using the administrative tool, you should setup setting in the router for first. You cannot do anything until you log in the router. The IP address is the main key what will help the user to get a form and to type the username and password. If you do not use those keys properly, you cannot use the administrative tool. Some user types “192.168.o.1 Login” on the browser what has been used as an application. So, users cannot log in the router and they cannot use the administrative tool. The false IP address “192.168.o.1 Login” does not give them any option.

You can replace the correct IP address with the false IP address “192.168.o.1 Login”. If you use the correct IP address, then you will get option/form to type the username and password. If you can properly put all of those log in data, then you can log in the router and use the administrative tool. Under the administrative tool, for home users, a wizard tool comes what helps users to setup internet. Settings manually are not good for all users except the experts. Experts can setup manually in a short period of time.

Falsehood of false IP address

Any false IP address like “192.168.o.1 Login” does not work for any reason. When you try for log in the router or check the connection the configuration with the false IP address “192.168.o.1 Login”, then you will get an error message on the browser and the Command Prompt page. A false IP address can be formed in different ways and “192.168.o.1 Login” is one format of false IP address. When a user adds a letter, word, space, any symbol in the IP address, the IP address becomes false or if the IP address does not make of following the IP address formation rules or following the IP address Class, then the IP address can be a false IP address.

In the false IP address “192.168.o.1 Login”, letter, word, and space are used. So, those things made the IP address false. If an IP address is chosen without following the IP address Class, then the router does not allow that IP address. That IP address is considered as a false IP address. The IP address of Class C starts with 192 and if you change the class and starts with 10, then the IP address will be false. When you type the IP address, then you should give attention and keep your eye on that.

Termination of the false IP address

Now you know that the false IP address “192.168.o.1 Login” does not work. You need not try with that false IP address. Recover the correct IP address with the “ipconfig” command on the CMD. Flip the router, you will get all log in detail on the sticker. You need to use all of that thing to login to the router. You do not need to add anything with the IP address and when you change the IP address, then you should pick an IP address from that IP address class. The IP address class C starts from to You pick one IP address from this IP address range for the Class C IP address.

In the router IP address place, you will replace the IP address. If you try the false IP address to that place, then the router does not let you save or type the letter. So, you can terminate the story of the false IP address. Read the manual what you have found in the router box to know everything about the device.
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