The router is a networking device and this device does not work until you make the router enable for working. The router needs settings in the router and you can do this using internet related information. The manual is important thing what is necessary to know about the router’s related information and instruction. The user needs login the router for making the router working. In the upcoming paragraph, we will discuss the router more in future. You should follow instruction for the router and Wi-Fi. The IP address is a necessary thing and in the router, the IP address is used called private IP address.

Private IP address

In the networking device and IP address is used as default. The default IP address is a specific IP address which is setup by the manufacturers. Except the default IP address, there are many IP addresses. Those private IP addresses are used for changing the IP address. This private IP address can be assessed from the same network. You cannot log in this private network from any other places. You should access the network for accessing the IP address. The private IP address can be changed to the class of the IP address.

Use of the Private IP address

The private is mainly used in networking device for login the router. It is necessary to use on the browser address bar and with this IP address, the browser will request the router to response and the router will send the form. But the IP address should be correct. The IP address is incorrect, then you cannot get the form. A correct IP address is necessary and with the correct IP address, you can test the connection between the router and computer. When you change the IP address, then you replace similar class IP address.

Use of the false Private IP address

The IP address works when it is correct and but with the false IP address, you cannot do anything. If you try to login the router with “192.1681.1 admin”, then you cannot do anything. Neither you can login nor you can use this IP address for testing connection between the router and computer. You cannot do anything with the false IP address. The IP address should be correct formatted whatever you want to do. “192.1681.1 admin” is not formed properly. You cannot do anything with this IP address.

Use of the false IP addresses for login

It is time to login the router and you need to use a browser for this purpose. The browser will work as an application. You need to type the IP address “192.1681.1 admin” in the place of the web address. After typing the IP address in the browser address bar, press the Enter button. The browser sends error message as popup or page does not show anything. Retrieve the IP address

You know now the false IP address does not work and you need to retrieve the correct IP address and you can use “ipconfig” command. All manufacturers of the router come with instruction page and on that page, you may get login detail including the IP address. Below of the router, you will get also IP address and all other login details. So, getting all login details are very easy. You have many options to get all login details with the IP address. ADMIN ADMIN

Fix the False IP address “ admin”

Before fixing the false IP address “ admin”, we need to know what things can make an IP address false. An IP address can be false in various ways. When anything is mixing with the IP address, then an IP address can be false. You cannot use letter or word with the IP address by giving space or without any space. Any symbol can make the IP address false and when you do not care about the IP address class while IP address is typing or using, then an IP address can be false.

With the IP address “ admin” word “admin” is used with space. That’s why, the IP address “ admin” becomes false.

Use Correct IP, Leave the false one

Now we know that the correct IP address and we need to use the correct IP address for all of the purposes. We should not remember the false IP address for any reason. You can login, ping and put this IP address in the router. Let’s try with this correct IP address for all of these purposes.

Login with correct IP

You can login the router with correct IP address. You need to use a browser for using all login details. The IP address will be used first and type the IP address in the browser address and press the Enter button or click on the Go button. A form will popup where username and password will be typed. After putting everything on that form, then press the Enter button and get login the router.

Ping with correct IP

The command ping will work with the correct IP address. The user needs to work with the ping and IP when it is necessary for testing the connection between the computer and router. The ping command will be “ping” or “ping -t”. You can use the continuous ping command “ -t” to know the connection status between the router and computer continuously. You will get report continuously for the continuous ping command.

Putting correct IP

Since the IP address, then the user can use the correct IP address When you need to change an IP address of class C, then you need to replace an IP address and you can put the IP address on that place. After saving the IP address, you will find this IP address to work.

Additional settings

You need to setup some additional settings in the router which are important and you need to confirm the settings correct. The Wi-Fi security is highly required and the user should know all of those things. For securing the Wi-Fi, the user needs to enable some features what will get in the router. Some features are common and the user need to know and enable those features. Those features are Wi-Fi password, Encrypted Security, Manual SSID network name and MAC filtering process.

Wi-Fi password should be more than 8 digits long and the password must be combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Such a password is very strong and it is very difficult to break. Wi-Fi Encrypted security is WPA2-PSK. If you provide this security to the router, then you can trust on this. By the MAC filtering method, you can easily control all of the devices which get the Wi-Fi network and you can block any device. Conclusion

The conclusion of this article is correction of the IP address but by remaining alert it is possible to any same type of mistake easily. In this article, I have mentioned many things which are important to know. I think, users can easily handle their new router.

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