Some manufactures prefer to use special IP address for its brand routers and those special IP has nothing of special. The IP address works like other IP address. is a special IP address for Netgear and D-Link routers. Because in most of the models of the routers of Netgear and D-Link, you will find the IP address The IP address is used in the device to identify the device by network. In the same network, multiple devices cannot use same IP address. You will find the IP address in the broadband routers of Netgear and D-Link mainly. is a private IP address and this address can be identified in the private network. No one can access the IP address out of network. But public IP address can be accessed from anywhere of the world. This private IP address is default and user can change the default IP address.

You may need to change the default IP address according to demand. When you are bound to change it, then you should change the IP address. You will be forced to change the IP address IP4. You cannot use multiple devices (routers or modem) of same private IP address in the same network. Your all of the devices starts to conflict with one another. Then you have to change the IP address and set unique IP address IP4 in those devices. You can continue with one device with the default IP address You cannot use internet until you fix the IP confliction error.

Changing the default IP address of Netgear and D-Link routers is very easy. Users can change the IP address to any IP address according to the IP class type. Every IP address which starts with 192 is called Class C IP type. However, you should change the IP address from the last two digits. You can use any number from 0 to 255 in the 192.168.X.X instead of X. For changing the IP address, you need to access the IP console area. You need to use the default IP address for accessing the router console area. With the IP address 192.168.01, you need to use username and password. You will get all of the things together in manual or in a separate sheet. Sometimes some manufacturers keep that information behind the router. Turn the router and seek the IP address IP4, username and password. However, usually, D-Link uses username: admin and password: blank (no password). Netgear uses username: admin and password: password or 1234. You need to use the IP address on the browser address field and press enter button. Then you have to use username and password, again press enter button. Now you are logged in. Find out the IP area where is setup. Now change the IP address and save it.

Some people complain in different forums that, they cannot access IP4 It means that they cannot setup router for internet and Wi-Fi. They need to make sure that the IP4 which is installed in the router is truly or not. They can be confirmed with the command “ipconfig” on The CMD. For running Command Prompt click on the start button and click on the “Run” icon and type “CMD”. Now Command Prompt window will be opened. However, you can check the IP4 with the command “ping” or “ping -t”. If you can see default gateway is from the Ethernet adapter Ethernet summery, then you are using correct IP address and problem persists in the port or in the Firewall. Sometimes firewall blocks the IP address for reason. If it is, then you need to check firewall and unblock the IP address by introducing it as a safe IP address.

If you find that the IP address 192.168.01 is not working properly. Then you can reset and it is the quickest attempt to fix the problem. If you reset the router, then all settings will blow away. If you want to keep all settings in the router, then you need to try some other way to keep those. You can try ping first to know detail and get summery. If you do not find problem in cable or network. Then you should try from the control panel. Now go to “Change adapter settings” and select “Ethernet” and go to properties by clicking on the right button from mouse. Scroll down the bar from properties and select “Internet Protocol Version 4”. Again click on the “Properties”. Now select “Use the following IP address section” bellow the “Obtain an IP address” and use the IP address “” and now click on Subnet mask field and the Subnet mask will be filled auto. The default getaway will remain same as IP address “”. Now use DNS server from your ISP and type that DNS server and click ok. Now you can close the Window. I think, the problem should be solved. You can restart your router and computer and check via Ping command “ping”. If the problem is still continuing, then you have to reset the router.

By the “ping” command, you can learn about the connectivity status of the router with the IP address. It gives you summery and from the summery, you can learn about router status from the sent, received and lost data. From the “ping -t”, you can know the continuous statues of the router with the IP address This command will give result of every second. This is a continuous process and it will not be stopped until you break or cancel the process. For breaking press CTL + break and for cancelation press CTL + C. When you break and cancel the continuous Ping, then you will get summery. Then you can identify the problem of the router or the network and fix the problem. You can check your router for free and solve the problem easily. If the problem remains in hardware, then you should contact with vender and ask them to fix this issue. The IP address is used for maintaining the router console. You can change the IP address for security purpose but if you change the username and password from the router, then you will get same security. After login to the router, you can setup internet setting but most important thing is security for the Wi-Fi connection. You should change SSID network name, default username and password, filtering MAC ID, and Control Wi-Fi connectivity. Make sure to update firmware in the router. Latest firmware can fix all of the problem of the router.

However, doing anything with your router, you should read the manual. You need to use the default IP address If you want to know more about IP, then you can contact with the customer care and visit Usually, from IP address, no problem starts. So, you have nothing to worry. If you want to change the deferent IP address in the same class, then you need to change it.
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