: Is the local IP address used to access the modem interface. This page is not your modem interface. If you want to access the modem management panaller, you should know your local IP address used by the modem correctly.
 You can access the list 'Default Router-ADSL Modem Passwords' on the right of this page. If you find your local ip address for you with your user name and password, I'll tell them how you are going to use.

 Firstly, open a new tab and your local ip enter the URL bar. Write paying attention to punctuation , as seen in the picture below.

Press enter after a screen will appear is as follows. If your web browser search the search engine, Unable to write properly

Tray again and true local IP adress ( login. Default user name and password contact the modem interface. If you continue to have problems. Insternet your provider call customer service.  

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